Flesh And Bones Taxidermy

European mounts are increasing in popularity because people are very attracted to the classic beauty of a European mounted skull. 

Additionally, European mounts also offer many advantages over the traditional head mount. 

  • European mounts take up considerably less space than traditional head mounts.
  • European mounts have more display options than traditional head mounts.
  • European Mounts can be displayed on a wall with or without a plague, on a coffee table, end table, or bookshelf, or in natural habitat display cases.
  • European Mounts are much more affordable than traditional head mounts, costing under a 1/3rd the price of a traditional head mount. 
  • European Mounts can be mounted on a cape at a later date if so desired, providing an ability to display your trophy if a traditional head mount is desired, but not financially possible at the current time.
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