Flesh And Bones Taxidermy

You spent hot summer days scouting and hanging tree stands.  You have sat in those stands in the rain and the cold waiting for the shot.  How are you going to treat that skull now that you have made the shot?
Why rot a skull when you can have it beetle cleaned?
  • Rotting a skull takes a long time.  Beetle cleaning is done in a matter of a week.
  • Rotting a skull leaves the skull with a very "dirty" appearance, often turning the skull and antlers grey in color, while beetle cleaning leaves the skull perfectly white with no harm to the antlers.
  • Rotting a skull is a "stinky" process.  Beetle cleaning is done in our shop and leaves you with no foul odors to deal with.
  • Rotting a skull weathers the skull badly and bones break and come up missing.  Beetle cleaning does not harm the bones and the entire skull stays intact.
Look at these pictures and decide for yourself if you want a skull like these hanging in your house!

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