Flesh And Bones Taxidermy

 We are all hunters here at Flesh and Bones Taxidermy.  We know how much hard work goes into each trophy you take in the field. 
You have worked hard to earn your trophy; don’t ruin it now by boiling it.
Utilizing beetles is the most effective way to clean a skull and to make a beautiful trophy which will last for a lifetime.
Processing a wildlife skull using beetles has several advantages versus boiling.
  • Beetles are able to remove all meat from the skull both inside and out. There is the risk of leaving meat or fat inside the skull if boiled, which can attract insects.
  • Beetles do not harm the bones, even the fragile, paper thin nasal bones. All bones stay intact, they don‘t fall out and the joints don‘t crack. Unlike when a skull is boiled, the bones will chip and this negatively affects the appearance of the mount.
  • Beetles do not cause antler shrinkage. Boiling does cause antler shrinkage.
  • Beetles remove meat and fat naturally, leaving your trophy beautifully white in color. Boiling a skull causes the fats and pigments to melt and stain the skull, leaving your trophy with a "dirty" appearance.
The skull on the left was beetle cleaned, while the skull on the right was boiled cleaned.
The beetle clean skull
Bright white in color
Fragile nose bones are perfectly intact
The boiled cleaned skull
Has a "dirty" yellow tint
Fragile nose bones are broken and missing
Your trophy is important! 
Beetle cleaning is the only way to ensure you will enjoy the beauty of your trophy for a lifetime! 
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