Flesh And Bones Taxidermy


 Thank you for visiting Flesh and Bones Taxidermy located in Bunker Hill, Illinois.

Flesh and Bones Taxidermy is a family owned business.  We take exceptional pride in our work and are licensed through the State of Illinois.
We specialize in European mounts or western mounts, which are becoming increasingly popular because of several advantages they offer when compared to the traditional head mounts. 
One major advantage European mounts have over traditional head mounts is price. 
Compare our $100 cost of having your deer skull beetle cleaned to the price of a traditional head mount.
We work with, but are not limited to, the skulls of deer/elk/boar/bear/mountain lion and cougar.
We’re a family of hunters so we know and understand the value of a prized mount. We make it affordable and easy so you can proudly display your trophy for years to come. 
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